Have you heard yourself say, ‘someday I will….?’ I know I have said this to myself many times throughout my life. It was anything from ‘someday I will: quit this job…leave this relationship…lose weight…pay off that credit card…stop being so hard on myself…move to this place..save more, spend less…stop that destructive habit…’ The list goes on and on. How about you? What are some of the ‘someday I will’ conversations in your mind? The bigger question is: why do we put off the dreams, goals, ways of being out into the future, eternity or never? I once heard ‘someday I’ll – leads to the road to nowhere!’ As I was reading ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World,’ I came across this quote from Og Mandino:

‘I will avoid with fury the killers of time. Procrastination I will destroy with action; doubt I will bury under faith; fear I will dismember with confidence’


In scroll 5, “The Greatest Salesman in the World:” The power of urgency and doing it now, we read about the power of living life in the now. The obstacle most often is procrastination! We become complacent, and we take time for granted. We associate pain with taking action instead of the pleasure we will experience when we get the task we are avoiding DONE! I often remind others, ‘focus on progress not perfection!’ Instead of looking at a task as being impossible to complete, break it down to 2 mm steps you can take each day to succeed. I wrote both of my books (‘From Zero to Sales Hero’ and ‘From Zero to Speaker Hero’) by spending 1 hour a day and I created a list of steps. I made what looked impossible to being possible.

What I have learned from studying, teaching, and living the power of urgency and doing it NOW:


• Focus on daily progress and let go of the need for perfection.


• 2 mm steps daily can yield $2M of value in results!


• If not now, when? Where will I be 1 year from right now if I don’t take the first step?


• What would I do today if I was guaranteed NOT to fail?


• What other accomplishments or breakthroughs have I had in my life that took 1 small step?


• The pain of discipline is better than the pain of REGRET!


I think of you as a success minded friend and I am so excited and passionate about sharing my mission with you: to work with sales and success driven stars to crush their results so they can live a life of PEACE and leave a life of STRESS – to be the BEST version of THEMSELF!

I look forward to sharing 10 tips to building SUCCESS habits over the next 10 days! Welcome to the journey of being the best version of yourself!


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Amy Lemire
Amy Lemire

Amy is a Sales Strategist, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker for over 25 years. Amy has been recognized as a top Fortune 50 sales performer, speaker, facilitator, and international sales trainer. Amy is a Peak Performance Habit Coach certified through the Og Mandino Leadership Group.

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