What would life be like without relationships? CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE impacts every part of our life. We count on people for sales, team building, business relationships, personal relationships, friends, and our social network.  I often coach sales professionals on their ‘relationship strategy’ and bringing value to business relationships – instead of talking about our product and solutions first.   Relationships can be the spice of life. However, what happens when there is conflict? I have experienced the peaks and valleys of close relationships, how about you?  It is easy to place blame on others when things don’t go right. The most important relationship of all is our relationship with ourself. Steven Covey says, ‘seek to understand then to be understood.’

I would like to share SUCCESS TIP and Thought Habit #4: CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE:

Why are relationships so important? Relationships allow us to grow, be challenged, and experience love, joy, and happiness at the same time.

What keeps you from achieving your CONNECTIONS with PEOPLE? It is usually one or more the following:

1. SELF FOCUS: We think our problems, circumstances are the center of our universe and we ‘check out’ of the present – we distance ourself from those we care about most.

2. BEING A VICTIM OF THE PAST: We cannot move forward looking through the rear view mirror in our life.

3. LACK OF OWNING OUR TRUE SELF: Be yourself, it is the easiest person to be – and everyone else is taken!

4. WALLS OF RESISTANCE: We often hold our self and our personal happiness hostage if we stay in relationships and situations that drain our energy and happiness.  We also sometimes stay ‘guarded’ and protect ourself from the pain of past relationships – which closes the door on the opportunity for NEW relationships.

How can you achieve ultimate RELATIONSHIPS? – follow these SECRETS to SUCCESS:

1. PRACTICE EMPATHY, PRE-EMINENCE, AND “AGAPE LOVE”:  When we focus out and focus on others, walls of resistance come down. Connections begin. Focus on universal love.  This means we take a ‘make me feel important’ approach to others.

2. RELEASE THE PAST: People are sent to us as messengers. There are friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime. Difficult relationships make us stronger – set new boundaries – and force us to set new standards.

3. PRACTICE VALIDATION: Noticing what is important to others vs. being focused oneself.

4. LET THE WALLS DOWN and FORGIVE: Forgiveness means ‘Today I forgive you – not because you apologized, but because my soul deserves peace.’ Trust in yourself, trust in others, trust that overall, we all have good intentions.

Relationships allow us to celebrate our self and the joy of connecting with others. If you are having a hard time being the best version of yourself, or are burdened by relationships, having the support of someone else can make all the difference in the world!

Hire a Coach! Coaching works!

Knowing you have someone on YOUR team who believes in you can help you grow and move forward in your life and take ownership of your personal power! Is it time to upgrade your thought habits to support your success?

I think of you as a success minded friend and I am so excited and passionate about sharing my mission with you: to work with sales and success driven stars to crush their results so they can live a life of PEACE and leave a life of STRESS – while becoming THE BEST VERSION OF THEMSELF!

I will send you my SECRETS of SUCCESS over the next several days. Watch for my posts to learn more!!


Amy Lemire
Amy Lemire

Amy is a Sales Strategist, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker for over 25 years. Amy has been recognized as a top Fortune 50 sales performer, speaker, facilitator, and international sales trainer. Amy is a Peak Performance Habit Coach certified through the Og Mandino Leadership Group.

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