Have you heard the saying: Expectations are premeditated resentments?” Websters dictionary defines EXPECTATIONS as: “belief something will happen; belief that something should happen in particular way.”

You may be asking: what do ‘expectations’ have to do with my (SALES) CONFIDENCE, SELF WORTH, or SELF ESTEEM? The answer…EVERYTHING!!

I have been studying the 6 SECRETS TO SUCCESS/ ‘THOUGHT HABITS’ for 2 years now and I can say from hundreds of conversations, observations of being stuck, and in my personal life, EXPECTATIONS and ‘DOING vs. BEING’ (the workaholic, Type A syndrome) are the #1 KILLERS of SELF ESTEEM!

Why? Our EXPECTATIONS send us a message subconsciously that things SHOULD be a certain way, people SHOULD treat us how we want, this (event or condition) MUST happen for me to be happy, events MUST turn out how we want, and our reality SHOULD look this way, but it does not! Sound familiar?

Doing vs. Being Reality Check: Is your life and self talk filled with too many SHOULDS or MUSTS – the cycle of OBLIGATION?

When it comes to (SALES) SELF CONFIDENCE, or personal power, do you place too much emphasis on your EXPECTATIONS-OVERCOMMITTING (PEOPLE, CUSTOMERS, MANAGEMENT, UNREALISTIC COMMITMENTS) THAT LEADS TO DOING vs. BEING? If so, here is my FIRST KEY to annihilating EXPECTATIONS – LET GO and live in the NOW!


  • I have a CHOICE! I decide what I focus my energy, relationships and efforts on.
  • I always do the best I can – in the past, present and future.
  • I separate myself from events, beliefs, the past, the future, relationships, unhealthy habits that DO NOT SERVE me in the NOW!
  • I accept that there are only EVENTS and my response to EVENTS.
  • I LET GO of the past, people, and events as baggage – I look at my past as my gift, an opportunity to learn and gain wisdom.
  • I become AWARE of my needs to attach EMOTION to people, events, circumstances, and I step back and observe without judgement.
  • I release the need to be RIGHT!

Why is SELF WORTH so important? Believing in our self, we are empowered to own our gifts, our uniqueness, and we feel great about being in our own skin.  (SALES) SELF CONFIDENCE allows us to release the need to impress and allows us to be real. We take personal responsibility and we are accountable…and we are REWARDED!

WHY do we give up our (SALES) SELF CONFIDENCE and personal power?

Stay tuned…I will share 5 KEYS and 5 KILLERS of Confidence and SELF WORTH over the next several days…

If you are struggling with the past, damaged trust or self-esteem, having the support of someone else can make all the difference in the world! Hire a Coach! Coaching works!

Knowing you have someone on YOUR team who believes in you can help you grow and move forward in your life and take back ownership of your personal power!

Amy Lemire DTM

Amy Lemire
Amy Lemire

Amy is a Sales Strategist, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker for over 25 years. Amy has been recognized as a top Fortune 50 sales performer, speaker, facilitator, and international sales trainer. Amy is a Peak Performance Habit Coach certified through the Og Mandino Leadership Group.

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