When you think of WORK, what thoughts or emotions come to your mind? Do you look at your work as PHYSICAL CREATION, an outward manifestation of your gifts and talents – or do you dread the reality of the work or career you have chosen? Is it the means to an end, or an outward expression of YOU?

I would like to share SUCCESS TIP and Thought Habit #5: WORK and PHYSICAL CREATION!

Why is doing the WORK we enjoy so important? When we take pride in our career, profession, we feel fulfilled. We feel as though our life has meaning and we are making progress.  When we feel unsatisfied or burned out by our work, our world becomes empty.

What keeps you from achieving your JOY at WORK? Why do we tolerate WORK that we do not enjoy? In my experience, is usually one or more the following:

1. THE CYCLE OF OBLIGATION: Forgetting you have a choice, you say ‘I have to, I should, I must.’ We stay stagnant and we stay stuck in a job we do not enjoy.

2. PROCRASTINATION: We wait until the perfect moment, the perfect outcome and if it anything less, we are hard on ourself.

3. WE FORGET TO TAKE ACTION: We look at work tasks as being more daunting than they are. We avoid. We forget to take small steps.


How can you achieve enjoyment in your WORK AND PHYSICAL CREATION? – follow these SECRETS to SUCCESS:

1. FOCUS ON CHOICE: We can choose our work, we can choose to use our talents, and contribute. We can also walk away and choose a new path, career, job, or company anytime.

2. BEING IN THE NOW: Creation can happen 2 mm at a time. Focus daily on progress, with projects, tasks, and long term career goals.

3. POWER SESSIONS: Schedule your big rocks early in the day (the tasks we avoid). Set a time to be uninterrupted, turn on your timer and go! Find a place where you will not be interrupted. Focus and finish.

WORK and PHYSICAL CREATION allows us to contribute, grow, give our talents, and make a difference in the world. If work is a means to an end, and you dread your work, maybe it is time to make a change?

If you are struggling with stress from being in a dead end job, or an unfulfilling career, having the support of someone else can make all the difference in the world!

Hire a Coach! Coaching works!

Knowing you have someone on YOUR team who believes in you can help you grow and move forward in your life and take ownership of your personal power! Is it time to upgrade your thought habits to support your success?

I think of you as a success minded friend and I am so excited and passionate about my mission with you: to work with sales and success driven stars to crush their results so they can live a life of PEACE and leave a life of STRESS – and BE the BEST version of themself!

I will send you my SECRETS of SUCCESS over the next several days. Watch for my posts to learn more!!



Amy Lemire
Amy Lemire

Amy is a Sales Strategist, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker for over 25 years. Amy has been recognized as a top Fortune 50 sales performer, speaker, facilitator, and international sales trainer. Amy is a Peak Performance Habit Coach certified through the Og Mandino Leadership Group.

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