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Amy is the author of Amazon #1 Best Seller “From Zero to Sales Hero” and “From Zero to Speaker Hero”

My mission is to inspire people to achieve Peak Performance results in life, business, relationships, personal happiness, and in the areas of life that matter most to you.

Amy has given keynote speeches and conducted training and consulting services to her clients: Zebra Technologies, Becton Dickinson, Massage Envy, Mastech Digital, Qualcomm Life, Capsule Technologies, The United States SBA (Small Business Administration, Chicago), Aurora University, New Peaks, Alverno College, and the WBDC (Womens Business Development Center).

Amy has also served as the Global Director of Sales Training and Performance for Qualcomm Life, ICU Medical, and Becton Dickinson.

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The First Lesson My Competitor Taught Me

December 19, 20222 min read

Showing up is easy!

I remember my first job in medical sales. I was selling medical supplies and I had a 2-state sales territory. The hospitals I called on had anywhere from 25 beds to 1500 beds - small and large. I was a road warrior! I remember being new and uncertain of myself. I was working for the 'smaller player' in the market. Then I learned a lesson one day I will never forget.

​​One of my biggest customers was in Joplin Missouri. It was a 4+ hour drive from St. Louis, my hometown. The materials manager I met told me at our first meeting, 'your top competitor was here yesterday - they said that driving here is too far for them - so they won't be coming here to serve us as a customer.' What?! 

I thought to myself, not only would I never say that, I learned that "just showing up" is something I CAN do, even when I am uncertain of myself! That day I made it a priority to give this customer all of my attention. Not only did they end up being my largest account, but the relationships I built were also meaningful and we became business partners.

"Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold" - Og Mandino

  • I will commit not the terrible crime of aiming too low.

  • I will do the work that a failure will not do.

  • I will always let my reach exceed my grasp.

  • I will never be content with my performance in the market. I will always raise my goals as soon as they are attained.

  • I will always strive to make the next hour better than this one. 

These are my keys to adding maximum value to your clients, accounts, and customers to create raving fans and clients for life:

  • I will always exceed expectations

  • I will under-promise and over-deliver

  • I will never speak negatively about my competition - I will only ask my clients what they want and need and assure them I can provide it

  • I will make it a habit to 'build the airplane while I am flying it' - I will never say 'I can't or I don't know how,' I will FIND a way and MAKE a way!

I think of you as a success-minded friend, and I am so excited and passionate about sharing my mission with you: to create breakthroughs in sales, confidence, and personal growth...one habit at a time. 

Welcome to the journey of being the best version of yourself! I look forward to sharing more of the Sales Confidence Code to accelerate your A.I.M: Attract, Influence, and Maximize Momentum in your results in 2023!

Amy Lemire

Amy Lemire

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I am just so thankful for your leadership, friendship and support. You are an insperation! Thank you for helping me see my potential and believing in me, I love the course and I love you!

Nicole.H, Atlanta, Georgia

Amy sparkles. She takes her passion for sales, speaking and personal development and pours them into all she does. I've been a fellow board member with her for the Illinois Chapter of the National Speakers Association. Whenever something needs doing, no matter how busy she is, Amy steps up with enthusiasm.

Lynne.F, St Louis, Missouri

It was a pleasure to meet Amy at a recent speaking event and listen to her message. It was delivered with precision and clarity, with relevance and aplomb. She made a positive impact on her audience. I appreciated her warm welcome, as well, and look forward to future opportunities to hear her speak.

Naomi.B, St Louis, Missouri

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Only 1 habit can subdue another habit. What if you enhanced your strengths in 6 habits - and lived as the best version of yourself?

My commitment is to support you to be the BEST version of
YOU - in the areas of life that matter most to YOU!


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