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Amy has also served as the Global Director of Sales Training and Performance for Qualcomm Life, ICU Medical, and Becton Dickinson.

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The 10 Irrefutuable Laws of Sales and Success: Rule #2 Activity Equals Results

February 04, 20244 min read

Activity Equals Results: The Power of Daily Activity in Sales and Business Development

I remember my first year in direct sales, back in the 90s. Each day my courage and determination was tested. I was in business to business sales, and the pressure and expectation to perform and sell was high. Something I heard in the sales training class, and a concept that my sales manager and the entire leadership team would often say was: "activity equals results. Focus on your daily activity - not on the wins as you get started." To this day, no matter what products or services I have sold over the years, I have continued to follow this advice. It helped me get through the fear of failure in my first year in sales - and it helped me overachieve my quota my first year in sales, and year after year.

Today, when my results have not been where I want, the first thing I do is I ask myself 'how is my activity?' This simple yet powerful concept highlights the importance of putting in the effort, consistently and strategically, to achieve success. In this article, and my second key in the '10 Irrefutable Laws to Sales and Success,' we'll explore why activity is crucial in sales, business development, and identify common obstacles that kill productivity, and provide valuable tips to enhance your activity for top results.

The Significance of Activity in Sales

Consistent Effort Drives Success:

Sales is a numbers game, and activity is the key driver. The numbers do not lie! The more interactions, calls, meetings, and follow-ups you engage in, the greater the chances of winning. Consistent effort creates momentum, and momentum moves you towards success.

Building Partnerships and Relationships:

Sales is not just about selling a product or service; it's about building long term relationships that I call partnerships. Regular and meaningful interactions with potential clients help establish trust and rapport, making it more likely for them to choose your offering over others.

Momentum is a Result of Activity:

Set weekly activity goals - how many contacts will you reach out to? Although not every interaction will result in a sale, it will drive momentum which drives success and habits. Active engagement exposes you to various scenarios, objections, and challenges.

Roadblocks to Productivity

Procrastination - a Destructive Habit of Thinking:

I recently heard a great saying, procrastination is masked as fear. Progress is better than perfection, done is always better than perfect! The tendency to delay tasks can create stress, distraction, and negative self talk. Make it a habit to take 2 mm steps each day. Get an accountability partner or coach if this is a habit you struggle with. Recognizing and addressing procrastination is crucial for success.

Lack of Planning:

Plan your work, work your plan. I plan my week each Sunday. I set my daily plan each day of the week before my work day starts. Without a well-defined plan, your efforts may lack direction. A lack of planning can result in wasted time and energy on activities that don't contribute significantly to your sales goals. Strategic planning is essential for maximizing productivity.

Fear of Rejection:

Sales and business is a numbers game. Even the best will not win 100% of the opportunities they are actively pursuing. The fear of rejection is a common challenge in sales. It can paralyze individuals, preventing them from making the necessary calls or pitches. Overcoming this fear requires a mindset shift and a focus on learning from rejection rather than seeing it as a personal failure.

Tips for Enhancing Activity

Set Clear Goals:

Set weekly KPIs (key performance indicators). Define your sales objectives and break them down into actionable steps. Having clear, achievable goals provides direction and motivation for your activities.

Prioritize Tasks:

Choose the six most important tasks to get done each day (a tip from Mary Kay Ash/Mary Kay Cosmetics). Get the 'big uglies' (the tasks we avoid like prospecting) done first thing in the morning. Prioritization ensures that you allocate your time and effort effectively.

Embrace Technology:

Leverage technology to streamline your sales processes. CRM systems, automation tools, and analytics can enhance your efficiency, allowing you to concentrate on building relationships and closing deals.

Continuous Learning:

Stay updated on industry trends, customer preferences, and sales strategies. Continuous learning keeps you ahead of the curve, enabling you to adapt to changes in the market and refine your approach.

In conclusion, the Irrefutable Law that "Activity Equals Results" is a foundational principle of success in sales and business development. By understanding the importance of consistent effort, addressing common obstacles, and implementing effective strategies, you can maximize your activity and move yourself towards success in the competitive world of sales. Stay active, stay engaged, and watch as the results unfold.

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Amy Lemire CSP

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